East 15 Acting School, MA acting

Shakespeare’s Globe Higher Education (Theatre Residency)

Akademiet, DT-Danseteater, Physical Theatre School

Rødkilde Teaterhøjskole


Kussesumpen – Teatret ved Sorte Hest (2017 + 2019)

In the spring of 2019, Pernille Rosengren is performing in a re-installment with Kussesumpen at Teatret ved Sorte Hest in Copenhagen at 20th-30thof March. 

Kussesumpen became a huge success in 2017, and every performance was sold out. Politiken, one of the most renowned Danish newspapers, wrote e.g.: “De er smasklækre og i stødet til at bryde kvinde-tabuer”.


De er smasklækre og i stødet 

til at bryde kvinde-tabuer”  //

They are extremely hot, and 

pushing to break women’s taboos”

Photos by Hans Jørgen Hersoug (1-4), Niclas Levin (5) and Karen Dich (6)

Kussesumpen PRESS (See more)

Udredning - Sydhavn Teater, ST:ART (2019)

Machbeth - The Globe (2018)

At the MA programme at East Acting School Pernille was trained in Shakespeare at the Shakespeare’s Globe Higher Education. With her group, she performed Macbeth at the Globe.

Love and Information - (2018)

For her final group project at East15 Acting school, she played Love and Information by Cary Churchill at The Corbett Theatre with Max Key as the director.

#mum? - (2018 )

As her final solo-project she wrote and performed the monologue #mum?, inspired by Federico García Lorca’s the Yerma (1934)

Guckmal Dich - Dansehallerne (2016)

Pernille is the other half of the dance and performance-duo Guckmal Dich with Linh Le. In 2016 they were chosen to participate in the choreography contest “Take The Stage” with their performance Scapula.

TRE (2015)