Pernille Rosengren is an actor, comedian and performer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She is a graduate from East 15 Acting School, MA course and holds an education as a physical actress from the prestige Akademiet in Copenhagen.

Her curiosity about acting began when she was 13 years old at an underground theatre “Det Hem’lige Teater”. Ever since she has broadened her training at Teaterhøjskolen Rødkilde Akademiet and Shakespeare’s Globe Higher Education, studying various techniques like Laban, contact Improvisation, Stanislavski’s system, Meisner Technique and trained in Shakespeare.

She’s been one of the actresses in Kussesumpen which was a great succes.

Pernille is a member of Equity and Dansk Skuespillerforbund (Danish Actors’ Union) and has performed at the Corbett Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe and multiple stages in Denmark: Vega, Teatret ved Sorte Hest, Krudttønden, TeaterHuset, Dansekappellet, Jakobole Teatret and Det Hem’lige Teater.






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